• Hello Everyone, I’m Hassan Ibrahim, CEO of Supreme finance Project. I’m so glad to e-meet you here. Crypto stalkers Community is well-knowned by hot and enthusiastic members. I hope I can introduce Supreme Finance Defi project(HYPE) to you very well and it makes you to understand our platform fully. Thank you for your attendance to AMA today. Supreme Finance is a cross-chain DeFi service that started from the Ethereum mainnet and also is built to connect and use various platforms such as BSC and KLAY. Currently, it is connected to the mainnet of Ethereum, BSC (BnB), and KLAY.
  • Supreme Finance provides a Defi gateway service which is designed with users-perspective on the security and rewards. Most of Defi are unable to escape from the perception that Defi is difficult to use due to difficual accessbility and it passes danger to users caused by vulnerability against Flashloan attacks. Supreme will improve these matters and focus on maximizing users’ rewards and become a gateway for various Defi markets.
  • Supreme basically consists of compensation based on TVL supply. And by linking this liquidity with a large staking service, it brings high rewards. Therefore, each time the TVL increases, the reward value continuously increases, unlike other defi. In order to maintain this ecosystem, most of the initial distribution is kept by Staking or Locking.
  • Supreme Finance revolves around single staking service, not LP token. From a UI/UX perspective, it looks very similar to a regular Defi. However, it is not a form of compensation by simple liquidity supply internally , but it is automatically diversified into excellent defi products such as ETF services. In addition, the reward is maximized through the Boosting service at regular intervals. In other words, Supreme Finance does not provide special functions, but rather is a user-oriented service that can bring the highest rewards with the simplest staking function.
  • Yes, of course. The community is key to the revitalizing the project and maintain its service over the long term. Currently, Supreme has started services in English, Vietnamese, and Korean language and is operating each community channel and consultation channel. I think the most important thing is to spread through SNS among users. We plan to provide a connection point with these SNS services in the NFT market and boosting stage 3 which will be opened in the last quarter of the year. Users will use this service to advertise and promote Supreme and receive direct additional compensation for their liquidity supply.


  • It’s a very high-level question, and it’s actually a key question about the relationship between the defi ecosystem and the real financial markets. When people think of crypto assets, they think of exchanges first. Because real profit is made through the exchange. However, true decentralized finance should not go through exchanges. We need a decentralized structure and rewards created by users without centralized power. This can be seen as a challenge to the existing financial power. That’s why traditional financial forces DeFi as illegal, high-risk, and unstable service. In fact, however, it is clear that DeFi will not be on the opposite side of traditional finance, but rather will play an adjunct role to traditional finance. Because Defi is flexible and innovative service that cannot be handled or operated by existing centralized finance. In the end, when it is converted to FIAT, it can be said that it is a complementary service because it goes through the existing finance. Supreme is oriented toward services such as Gateway that fills the gaps in existing finance and DeFi.
  • DeFI Farming is already established as a reward service based on new deposits and loan interest. Naturally, Supreme also offers staking services such as DeFi Farming. But, again, we are not planning an optional evolution of a simple DeFi Farming system. Supreme only focuses on internal decentralized supply and high rewards that users don’t have to pay attention to. However, there is a separate Governance token, a characteristic of decentralized finance. At Supreme, this token is called HYPEX. HYPEX can be exchanged for existing HYPE tokens. However, its use is limited so that it can only be exchanged temporarily whenever a specific Boosting service is opened.
  • This is not just a DeFi issue. Most crypto asset services with low market capitalization are very vulnerable to these whales’ speculation. This is not a 3% problem. If even 1% of the total volume is dumped, it will inevitably cause a big change in the overall price. However, DeFi could put the brakes on this whale’s behavior by providing additional liquidity. Any form of speculative dumping can not prevent price declines. However, it can push that price back up with a new liquidity supply. This is possible only with the power of ants, not whales, and I believe that the role of the foundation running DeFI is here.
  • Supreme NFT is not a utterly new and different from the existing service. It is also not an open NFT linked to an external platform. Supreme NFT is a very simple auction platform using ETH and HYPE. But the important part lies outside of this NFT service. Supreme NFT can provide digital assetized products as a loan product in the auction market in a form similar to liquidity supply using a separate staking service. In other words, the purchase and ownership of the product works like the existing NFT market, but it has the advantage of continuously distributing the purchased product in the marketplace. This part will be introduced as a detailed manual when it is officially opened in the future.
  • Supreme opened service with a focus on Asian users first Therefore, in the early days, marketing campaigns were mainly conducted in China, Vietnam, and Korea. Recent China government’s restriction would be an issue and it will not be able to expand market to China any more. However, the main service arena that Supreme members want is the United States and Europe. When Supreme’s third boosting service launch is completed and the NFT market service is stabilized without major problems, we plan to target the North American market in earnest. Therefore, from the first half of next year, we plan to establish affiliate marketing between DeFI services targeting North America, cross-chain services targeting new mainnet platforms, etc. . Thank you for your interest.


  • Currently, Supreme has entered into partnerships with various DeFi and Crypto projects. Through this partnership, Supreme can bring both new liquidity supply and rewards between different platforms (mainnet). Therefore, it can generate higher rewards than DeFI operating on a single platform (mainnet). Supreme’s Gateway service is ultimately about opening the way to any platform.
  • Supreme is a DeFi project. You can decorate it to look plausible by weaving various trends. But Supreme doesn’t want that direction. We are only concerned with the pure purpose of DeFi: liquidity management and high rewards for our customers. We are sure that our sincerity will be appreciated by our customers over time. However, since NFT can be helpful to customers’ profits in terms of asset management, we plan to operate a separate NFT market in a unique form like a staking service.
  • All Supreme’s Tokens have already been audited. However, we do not intend to provide DeFI services with standardized tokens. Additional various mainnet tokens will be used, and all of these tokens must undergo a separate audit. However, the most important thing is not to verify the function through audit, but to respond to the customer’s volatility using this Token Contract. The Supreme team is constantly strengthening security to address these issues.
  • you may checked wrong community. We don’t have chinese community. Now we are operating English, Korean, Vietnamese channel only.
  • I’m working for Supreme as a project CEO with 30 our professional team members. I have worked in the financial industry for decades and involved crypto industry for several years as well. My team also consist of professional and skillful people. They are creative and open-minded with good understanding of blockchain. I fully support them with sincerity, and they are committed to developing Supreme’s ecosystem with me. . In the meantime, we met with a professional liquidity management team and a team that specialized in DeFi development to form the current Supreme Finance Team

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Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect

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Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect

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