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Over the past years, the DeFi industry has continuously grown due to the increased number of new applications, primitives, and protocols. The structure is underway towards commercialized future financial systems as we speak and is beginning to take on a surge of interest from the crypto and non-crypto community.

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Likewise, DeFi volume has increased from zero to over $20 billion in total locked value (TVL) in the past year alone. Many DeFi projects require users to lock up an asset (collateral) in order to take out a loan, create liquidity in a market, or mint a new asset. These assets locked as collateral have created a measure for valuing these applications, called total locked value (TVL). With this in mind, we have seen DeFi Dominance (vs. Global) reach 1.4% in total — showing that many crypto investors are taking advantage of these newly accessible financial products.

Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect as many crypto-muggles with the many decentralized financial products and services already on the market.

Supreme Finance has its own wallet system called HYPE Wallet, which has quite similar features to Uniswap or Sushiswap platform (currently most-used DEX platform in crypto); lend/borrow, swapping, yield farming and escrow service. However, as mentioned before Supreme Finance will be focusing on the user-interface and breaking down the barrier — with user support that will operate 24/7 in multiple languages backed by the platform and typical users themselves, creating a community that allows crypto-muggles and experts to engage and socialize with translations, which will be incentivized through royalty program, simple and advanced module for learners and professionals, and lastly, Supreme Finance HYPE/HYPEX token structure (The details can be found in the whitepaper).

Supreme Finance is currently working on extending the market globally. Currently, the platform is introduced only to some of the places in Asia. From our website you can find more details and updates.

Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect