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In a recent AMA hosted by the Crypto Shillers Community Telegram Group, the Co-Founder of Supreme Finance , Hassan Ibrahim expressed briefly about the vision of the organization, stablity, ideaology, outstanding features, and future plans a long with the team.

The AMA had been divided into 3 Segments:
Segment 1 was a interaction directly with moderator, Sunny , who asked Hassan some pointed questions.

Segment 2 was opened to twitter audience who asked their questions.
Segment 3 was opened to the Telegram audience to ask questions. Where we received over 800 questions which was a humbling experience. Hassan had to choose a few good ones to answer.
The following is the excerpt of the entire AMA discussion Hassan had with the Supreme Finance team and the audience.
Segment 1 | Q&A with Crypto Shillers Community

Q1. Sunny :
Before we proceed to AMA questions, can you introduce yourself? Along with your role in Supreme Finance.And also give a brief introduction about the supreme finance as well.
also, Can you introduce the team working
on Supreme?

Hassan : Good Afternoon.Shillers!! I’m Hassan Ibrahim from UK. I graduated from university in the UK and worked as a marketing and finance expert for decades . In particular, I was in charge of operations and marketing on crypto exchanges in Asia and Europe. Therefore, there was a lot of interest in providing services by connecting Asia and Europe with Crypto. I’m working for Supreme as a project CEO with our professional team members. My team also consist of professional and skillful people. They are creative and open-minded with good understanding of blockchain. I fully support them with sincerity, and they are committed to developing Supreme’s ecosystem with me. . In the meantime, we met with a professional liquidity management team and a team that specialized in DeFi development to form the current Supreme Finance Team.
I’m focusing on policy making and marketing planning so that Supreme’s service policy can be extended worldwide. We are thinking and improving every day how to make it easier for people who do not know DeFi to use it.

Q2. Sunny :
What critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Hassan : The part that our team was worried about from the beginning is how to make it easy for customers who are not familiar with DeFi to use it. It is also a difficult part to build in the current Token System.
Also, it was difficult to automatically connect products that would extract APY most efficiently among DeFi services in a cross chain method. I think this is an area that needs to be continuously improved and grown together with customers.

Q3. Sunny :
Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

Hassan : yes. you can see our recent roadmap on our webpage as well

let me show our past achieved and future target milestones as below

3~4Q 2020
- Smart contract development and auditing applications
- — Supreme Finance web service opened
- Hype has been successfully listed on Coinbene Exchange for public trading.
- Supreme Finance’s Asia AMA for Asia KOL.
- — Uniswap Listing Announcement (HYPE Listing & HYPE LP Pool)
- New Farm Services Launch More Swapping Assets
- — HYPE’s first reward boosting has been opened.

- Started the first distribution service for governance tokens
- The second reward boosting of HYPE has been opened.
- — Opening of HYPE-B contract based on BSC platform
HYPE-B swap page open
- New service launch — 2nd version update
- — Supreme Finance exclusive mobile app service opened

- The third reward boosting of HYPE will be opened.
- — Updated Mobile Swap Feature.
- Additional updates to enable transactions in addition to token-to-token swaps”
- — Private swap service
- Open DeFi platform service based on various chain
- — Star NFT Service Open
- AVA-HYPE Chain service Open

After the introduction, Segment 2 started with question from the social media platforms. Where 5 best question were selected from the twitter handles and presented to Hassan

Q1. Sunny :
Do you think the DEFI ecosystem has a positive outlook? Given the recent market price decreases, I’m curious as to what the team thinks about this. And there are already a slew of DEFI systems; what sets your project apart?

Hassan : DeFi is, of course, an essential service for future crypto asset management. The prospects are immediately visible in how much DeFi services are in service and how much liquidity is provided.
The market price of cryptocurrency, like the stock market, sometimes rises and sometimes falls. I don’t think that’s a criterion for judging the value of a service.
We started with the most basic of DeFi services. It’s easier to offer higher APY to customers.
Nothing special! Just use it easily and get high rewards!!!
Customers can use it easily and we will create a complex ecosystem. I’m sure it will make the price go up automatically

Q2. Sunny :
What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

Hassan : Supreme aims for a service like DeFi’s Gateway. In other words, we have developed a way to monetize within the DeFi ecosystem. It was built to achieve high APY by tying up good products from the various DeFi ecosystems that have been established.
Therefore, various service partners exist, and we are currently building an ecosystem with partners in East Asia and partners in the UK and the US. it has been linked with Defi services in Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, and recently signed a partnership with Stabilizer in Australia.
In the second half of the year, we are promoting a partnership with AVA labs and will continue to expand.

Q3. Sunny :
Do the $HYPE token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?and Do you have any plan to create other feature? Maybe yield farm, stake, or NFT project? Can you explain more detail?

Hassan : HYPE is the most basic token(key currency) of Supreme Finance. HYPE can be exchanged into the HypeX token which is the governance token in Supreme Ecosystem during a specific period. Users can participate in various decision voting with HypeX. Additionally, the NFT project is preparing an NFT service for celebrities(entertainment). It will be announced at once in a future Booster 3 service.

Q4. Sunny :
As far as I know, achieving Blockchain’s popularity in the financial sector is your goal. You said you are going to minimize fees for financial institutions and Defi’s services exchange rate margin, so I want to know how the process goes? Is there is any partner here with you?

Hassan : We work with a variety of DeFi partners for the return of our services. And the commission and exchange rate margin are actually designed as the customer does not need to know. All of that part will be processed internally, and the customer simply needs to check the rate of return.
In other words, the system will take care of all complex tasks related to DeFi services, and customers can be rewarded with optimal profits with just a few clicks.
I mentioned recent parteners in question above.

Q5. Sunny :
Could you tell us about the background and experience of Supreme’ DEVELOPMENT TEAM? How will they carry out your project during this current pandemic?

Hassan : I introduced my team in Question1 as well. As I told you there, Supreme team consists of a team with high management ability who worked in crypto currency exchanges, a financial asset management team, and a DeFi blockchain professional development team. The team has been in the industry for the past 6 years and has been active since last year as the Supreme Team. Because we are a multi-national member, we promote our work through online video or audio. However, since they are all professionals, we were able to work very quickly and efficiently.

The last, Segment 3 started in which the channel open for 60 seconds where the audience asked some questions to the Supreme Finance Team. Recieved more than 800 question from which Hassan answered someone of them by his generosity.

Q1. Audience :
What are the top priorities for your project this year? and what plan will you do for the development of this project?What is the main vision and goal of your project and who are your targeted customers?

Hassan : We have a lot of output to show this year. In particular, the diversity to be shown in Booster 3 Service is expected to have a very big impact. In addition, we will continue the challenge of listing on Binance by expanding with the BSC family

Q2. Audience :
Regarding your fundamental technology, what are your plans with a technology in the future that can build sales, printing, distribution, manufacturing, etc. innovatively and safely for business people?

Hassan : Currently, the entire system is not fully composed of blockchain. In the future, we plan to build a perfect decentralized finance by making the entire system into a blockchain. And we are building a marketing system so that we can run individual sales separately. You can check it out in Booster 3

Q3. Audience :
What is your advantage over other projects? Is it from a security point of view or the technology you are using? Or are there other advantages? What makes you believe that your project is worth choosing?

Hassan : As explained above, Supreme service is composed of the easiest UI/UX. This is not a security or technical aspect.
However, in the technical part, it was developed to automatically match the high APY that can be obtained from Cross Chain. This promises very strong accessibility and high rewards compared to difficult-to-access projects.

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Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect

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Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect