Supreme Finance Foundation and Lbank proceeded upgrading the existing HYPE token to HYPES.

Supreme Finance
2 min readSep 7, 2022


Holders of existing HYPE tokens in Lbank must withdraw to the HYPE wallet we provide below.

The HYPE wallet we provide is for swapping with HYPES, and after all withdrawals from Lbank are completed, it will be automatically swapped to HYPES.

In order to safely and automatically swap the existing HYPE to the new HYPES, all holders are requested to complete the withdrawal by September 30, 2022.

Holders who keep existing HYPE in personal wallet also must transfer to HYPE wallet to participate HYPES swap

How to withdraw existing HYPE

All users of Lbank are requested to create a personal wallet address in the HYPE wallet ( and transfer the existing HYPE. holders in their personal wallet such as Metamask also have to do same process. The existing HYPE contract is 0xd0bde8df93e0e64962d46f9623e073dc2107da64, so please check the contract carefully before sending.

The automatic swap to the new HYPES will start when the withdrawal of the existing HYPE from the existing Lbank is completed, and the swap will be done automatically through the system. When the swap is complete, all existing HYPE swapped will be withdrawn by the Supreme Finance Foundation

After the swap to HYPES is completed, you can trade in the currently listed HYPES/USDT market of MEXC.

Lbank supports withdrawal for 1 year even after delisting, but if swap to HYPES is not performed, the existing HYPE will become ineffective.



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