Supreme Finance (HYPE) Successfully Raised $2M Investment From Blockchain Lab

Supreme Finance
2 min readOct 13, 2021


Supreme Finance (HYPE), a DeFi Gateway Service that started in Asia, succeeded in attracting $2 million in investment from Blockchainlab, a crypto asset investment and custody service based in London, UK.

The two companies started collaboration in June 2021, and through collaboration Blockchainlab recognized that Supreme Finance has prospective future, so they decided to make a bold investment and agreed to an investment for a new service in September 2021.

Blockchainlab ( is based in London, the mecca of global financial Industry, supports the custody and cloud funding of leading projects around the world and is well-known with an outstanding eyes in the blockchain industry. Ismail K Malik is illustrious person as a potent project investor with his conservative but extraordinary insight.

Ismail.K Malik CEO & Founder
 Twitter : @BlockchainLab
Ismail K Malik CEO & Founder of

Ismail K Malik, who decided on this investment, said, “In terms of interface, HYPE DeFi of Supreme Finance does not look much different from existing DeFi products, but it has UI/UX that anyone can use easily. In addition, it is designed to pursue purely high rewards by providing only liquidity to other DeFi products, so customers can easily acquire rewards by signing up for products in HYPE DeFi. It attracts me to invest to HYPE project”

Hassan Ibrahim CEO & Founder of Supreme Finance

Hassan Ibrahim, Project CEO of Supreme Finance ( said, “Since I announced private investment in the DeFi platform and HYPE token last year and attracting this investment, we have aggressively expanded our partnerships and business progress with more diverse partners. We have decided to disclose it, and all participants in the Supreme Finance ecosystem will be able to build a transparent and reliable platform.”

So far, Supreme Finance has raised $40 million in TVL (liquidity) through HYPE Farm (, and is conducting a liquidity recruitment campaign for an additional $60 million token. The Supreme Finance Foundation has offices in Vietnam and Singapore to manage the blockchain ecosystem and DeFi Pool. From the second half of 2021, it plans to build a new business model by building an NFT-DeFi service that combines a decentralized finance (DeFi) service and an entertainment NFT service



Supreme Finance

Supreme Finance is simply an adoption-focused DeFi protocol on which we intend to create a fully-integrated user-friendly platform/service, to connect