Supreme Finance Token Split Announcement

Supreme Finance
2 min readAug 25, 2022


Supreme Finance Foundation announces token split as follows.

1. HYPE, which is currently listed on MEXC ( and Lbank (, has a total issuance of a total of 500M, and is used for various Defi business service.

2. The new HYPE, recently listed on Huobi (, is a liquidity token that will be used in DEX, P2E, and NFT services, the new business model of the foundation in 2023 with a total issuance of 5 billion.

3. Although the existing HYPE for Defi and the new HYPE are actually different tokens, we apologize for causing a lot of confusion in the token ecosystem as they are listed on Huobi under the same name.

4. Accordingly, the Foundation decided to continuously maintain the ecosystem differentiated from the new HYPE by changing the name of the existing HYPE for Defi to a new ticker called HYPES for the stability of the token ecosystem.

5. In addition, we plan to prepare a new swap hole service to enable actual swap of the existing HYPES and the new HYPE, thereby revitalizing the entire token ecosystem.

6. In this process, if the existing listed exchanges do not support swap, we plan to provide swap service by ourselves to minimize customer complaints.

7. Once again, we apologize for the confusion, and we will do our best to become a more developed Supreme Finance Foundation.

Thank you.

Supreme Finance Foundation.



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